Custom Wood Pallets

Custom Wood Pallets Built to Your Specifications

At QCP, we specialize in crafting customized wood pallets to meet your exact needs. Our experienced team uses quality craftsmanship to create durable, sturdy wood pallets designed for your unique products.
Custom pallets with quality craftsmanship

Quality Craftsmanship

Our team of craftsmen use only the highest quality materials to ensure that your custom pallet is built to last. Our craftsmen are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the design and construction of wood pallets, ensuring that your pallet is built with the utmost precision and quality. Our pallets are designed for durability, ensuring that your products are safe and secure during transit.

Onsite collaboration for custom-designed wood pallets

Onsite Collaboration for Custom-Designed Wood Pallets

Every business has unique product requirements. We offer onsite collaboration to ensure we design and manufacture the perfect wood pallets for your specific needs. Your requirements and specifications are our priority, and we work closely with you to create a custom-designed pallet that reflects your needs and suits your product. Our experienced designers will consult with you at your site, analyze your requirements, and provide suitable solutions for your business. And we offer sampling to ensure you're satisfied that your custom-designed wood pallets are exactly what you need.

Throughout the design process, we use the Pallet Design System to design and code your pallet’s weight capacity. This optimizes the design for maximum efficiency and reduces manufacturing costs and environmental impact.

Custom pallets with manufacturing for any size or strength requirement

Manufacturing for Any Size or Strength Requirement

We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture custom wood pallets that meet any specifications, no matter the size and strength requirements. We'll work with you to design and craft whatever you need to feel confident that your products will arrive safely and undamaged.

Custom wood pallets with reinforced design options for improved strength

Reinforced Design Options for Increased Strength

Our reinforced design options ensure that your wood pallets have excellent security and maximum strength during shipping. We understand that some products have different requirements when it comes to strength and security. That's why we have reinforced design options to enhance the strength and longevity of your pallets. Our reinforced pallets feature additional support beams or perimeter runners, which ensure they maintain their structural integrity during transportation. This means that your products are safe in transit and arrive at their destination in excellent condition. Our reinforced design options provide you with the peace of mind you need when shipping valuable products.

A close up shot on a stack on heat treated wood pallets.

Heat-Treated Custom Wood Pallets

All custom wood pallets are heat treated in compliance with ISPM-15 to ensure the pallet can be used and reused to ship internationally. During the heat treatment process, your custom pallets are heated to a core temperature of 140 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes to kill off insects and larva. The pallet is then stamped to identify it as heat treated to make inspection during transportation more efficient.

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